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Current Release

  • Completely free. No login required. No gotchas.
  • Solves basic Algebra problems
  • Solves Math equations, mainly Algebra equations, e.g. Find value of x, if `2x + 5 = 9`

Upcoming Release

We are soon releasing few exciting features to solve more complex Math problems, so stay tuned.

  • Solve Quadratic equations
  • Solve Algebra problems of complex nature
  • Continue offering iKaes free of cost for all new features

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About iKaes

iKaes is a math problem solver which gives answer to student's math question or algebra problem. iKaes allows interaction between the student and math problems / algebra problems. It is the best medium for students who are shy about asking questions or getting more detailed explanations in a group tutoring environment.

iKaes ensures that the students understand how to solve math problems. This strategy results in improved grades for students in math.